About Me

About Me

I see myself as the thread that weaves every action and every word from the stage together, to present an event at the heart of which is always the audience. I am Sutradhar.

I Believe
There are no accidents, everything happens for a reason. Life brings us many surprises and we just need to ensure we give our 100% at all times.

I believe in being grateful for each day and every turn of event. I can say this from personal experience, being grateful for the littlest of things, brings magic in our lives.

Appreciation for what you have been given, is a divine quality. I am blessed to have this gift from the divinity. You attract energy that reflects your own. Positivity is a way of life. This is especially important for me as I see myself as the connection between the stage and the audience. As an artist, I aspire to always remain positive, keep my spirits high and pass this energy on to the audience.

What I do
Amrita as an Anchor
I host all forms of live events, ranging from Corporate, Government, Social and Entertainment. Over the years I have had the honour of hosting over 700 such events.

Amrita as a Speaker
I have had several opportunities to share my knowledge and expertise on various topics. I speak on Personality Development, Public Speaking, Spirituality and the Power of Positivity in seminars and courses held for students and corporates.

Striving for Success
My passion for the stage, interacting with the audience, bringing new and innovative ideas to make every event a success, has always driven me to give my best.

Always keep learning
7 years back, when I started my professional journey as an Anchor, I only had experience of hosting informal events, college festivals in India and expat community events in the UK while I was studying in Leeds. My strong educational background, years spent working in a Corporate environment and being creative at heart, gave me a good foundation to build on. I have a fluent understanding of Business Etiquette and Protocol. I have learnt it is essential to identity the nerve of the audience to make any event a success!

My Roots
I am privileged to have been born in a family of artists. My grandfather was a distinguished and well respected figure in Art and Theatre. I believe, my passion for art and the love for the stage, is his legacy. My family always encouraged and supported this passion and as a result I became a Classical Tabla Visharada at very young age.

Let the Show Begin!

Life is all about living in present…..Celebrate Life and Make it Large About Me